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January 5, 1942

I issued an order today putting everyone on half rations. Also a directive to all commanders to conserve food. Directed the C.G. Service Sector to organize a fishing fleet to augment food supply. I am reluctant to believe that we are so short of food, and am still hoping that a complete check of stocks on hand will disclose additional supplies. However, we shipped in all we could move, and continued shipping from Manila and other points right up to the last minute. In point of days of supply of ammunition, we are in even worse shape. Have not had a complete check of stocks in hands of troops, but they had two units of fire originally and much of that has been expended. I estimate that if heavy fighting develops our ammunition would be exhausted in about a week. It is a question of which will be gone first—food or ammunition, unless additional stocks can be run through the blockade. The Japs tried a little bombing again today. Had several alarms, and a few bombs were dropped, but no real damage done, and no casualties. People are learning to take care of themselves. Got out my administrative order for defense of Bataan last night. It is ahead of the field order—very unorthodox, but wanted to get the supply end organized and under way as soon as possible. Stocks are vulnerable in present locations, and must be dispersed.