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Tuesday, Jan. 6, 1942

Then held a meeting with settlers who were getting their rations. I told them that until the stock of the store was inventoried only rice would be issued them. All the remaining foodstuffs and other merchandise would be equally distributed to them in accordance with the sizes of their families. I also told then that these steps had to be taken to insure equitable distribution of the foodstuffs remaining unsold in the store. All of them were agreeable to this arrangement with the exception of a few new ones who claimed they had nothing yet planted on their home lots. II assured these new setters, however, that I would issue them camotes in addition to the rice that was to be allotted to them.

In the evening, Major Tiongson came to see me by direction of General Vachon in connection with our food supply for the Army. Had a chat with the Major who assured me that it would be a pleasure to meet General Vachon in person, so I made up my mind to pay the General a visit the following day.