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Sunday, Jan. 11, 1942

Conferred with Overseer Vargas about the organization of labor battalions in Lagao from among the bachelor settlers, dependents and laid-off laborers. I gave Overseer Vargas full powers to administrate the Lagao district and told him that no official other than myself would interfere with him without my approval.

Then left for Tupi with Mr. Tiongson in my Buick at 7:30 a. m. Aquino and Datu followed in my station wagon.

Stopped at Polomolok and held a meeting with Overseer Jimenez, the barrio lieutenants and some settlers on what to do if and when the Japanese come to Koronadal. I told them not to bother the Japanese if they come peacefully. However, if they abuse their women, every settler should resist, so I advised them to sharpen their boloes and locate evacuation places for their women and children where it would be difficult for the invaders to find them, Also gave the settlers instructions on bolo warfare that should be waged on the invaders if they do not behave properly .