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Tuesday, January 27, 1942

A Navy officer (McDowell) is trying to act as “U.S. Secretary on Collaboration”. His duties are to clear to British all messages that require Combined Chiefs of Staff action. We sent to him, on 21st, an important message to Wavell,
asking advice on 600 pursuit ships. This morning we learn it has not yet even gone to British here in Washington! My God – how I hate to work by any method that forces me to depend on someone else. It’s typical Navy stuff.

Tom Handy and I stick to our idea that we must win in Europe. Joe McNarney not only agrees, but was the first one to state that the French coast could be successfully attacked. It’s going to be one h— of a job – but, so what? We can’t win by sitting on our famnies and giving our stuff in driblets all over the world – with no theater getting enough. Already we’re probably too late in Burma – and we’ll have to hurry like hell in Ceylon. The British
have to get moving.