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January 25-27, 1942

QM morning of Jan 2-192 I Sgt Evans got shot in left arm and went back to aid station had to wait there until might for ambulance. Line broke about 8:00 ambulance came at same time everybody was running everywhere.
I got an ambulance but was so many Philipinoes [Filipinos] in road had hard time getting though but finally got to Balanga stowed in old church at aid station and Nips shelled it an I got wounded in throat and back. Many of the wounded got killed. There I came almost bleeding to death on rest of way to Limay hospital got there about 10:00 morning of Jan 25 was wounded laying all over grounds but friend got me rushed into operating room they gave me blood then patched up wounds. Early that morning was moved to little Baguio hospital stayed there two days was moved to No 2 hospital got along as well as could expect.