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January 30, 1942

When I returned from Calamba last night, I found the city a little changed. They have resumed the blackouts at night. Perhaps because a few nights ago a number of American planes flew over the city. It was not known how many, nor was there any mention of the places bombed. It seems that there were only five planes and that they dropped two bombs at San Luis street, near the Luneta. Allegedly, they were aiming at Camp Nichols. According to the American broadcast from Bataan, one of the pilots was Captain Villamor; the planes were hit by an anti-aircraft shell, were forced to flee, and had to drop the bombs. The press said that it was at the University of Santo Tomas were they had dropped the bombs. But that was not true.

The cleaning up of the debris at Letran is going fast. But materials for repairs are not available, and there is no money to buy anything.