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February 10, 1942

Looks bad for Singapore. The Japanese now have a foothold. I suspect Singapore is not such an impregnable base, after all. The Japanese are bombing and shelling the fortress. It must be hell out there.

Can’t understand Japanese propaganda. Today there is another (news) item stating that conditions in the provinces are normal, and that the people have returned to their daily pursuits. They know very well that provincial conditions are unsettled. False items (i.e., news) will only make the people lose faith in the paper. They should read the story of the boy who kept shouting “Wolf! wolf!” even when there were no wolves. When they report something true, the people will doubt them. Propaganda is effective only when it appears authentic.

Ordered larger maps of Bulacan, Pampanga and Rizal. Stuck colored pins on railroad stations, warehouses and mills. Red for “great danger,” blue for “some danger” and white for “peaceful places.”

Must study increase of personnel and office space. Transportation must be an entirely new section. We will also need another section to take charge of fuel. Rice procurement will increase the functions of the NARIC. Will need a much bigger staff.

One of the Japanese slapped a Filipino clerk. He caught the clerk lying. With the Japanese it is better to tell the truth immediately. I do not approve of slapping. Will tell Mr. Noya to tell the Japanese employees not to raise their hands against the Filipinos. This will hamper the efficiency of the office and may have serious repercussions.

My wife is crying again. She remembers her son. There is nothing like a mother’s love. I did not have the warmth of a mother’s affection. My mother died when I was a baby.