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February 12, 1942



Singapore falls. This is bad news. Singapore Naval base was very necessary for refueling of convoy. They will be very depressed in Bataan.

Japs have executed four men for violation of military law. Condemned men are first made to dig graves in Cementerio del Norte and then they are shot in the back.

“Domingo Diesto and two others” according to Tribune “were shot for inflicting physical injuries on person of Jap soldier.”

Pepe Laurel III married Betty Castillo. I wonder what his troops in Bataan will say when they hear this.

Japs in Manila celebrating Singapore’s fall. Saw many drunks, soldiers singing in streets. They have reason to rejoice.

Shows in town opened. Bing Crosby showing in Capitol. Sun Valley Serenade in Avenue. Texas Cowboy in Life.

Saw dad in small car driving to Naric. He looked thin. I feel like crying. Homesick. Very tempted to sneak into the house.

Did not go to high official I was supposed to interview. Nobody could assure me of his inside feeling. Did not want to take a chance. Will tell this to general.

Carrier pigeons of Alabang stockfarm not there anymore. Nobody knows where they are.




105 gave interesting reports on Gen. Maeda of Jap Military Administration. She’s cold-blooded, flirtatious skirt. She called me “Highhat.”

Somehow I don’t trust her. She knows it.




Impressed at the calm indifference of Manilans to Jap Occupation. This is due to their confidence that the USAFFE will soon return and kick out the Japs.