February 12, 1942

Was taken seriously ill with food poisoning this morning and went to bed. This afternoon had a temperature of 103 degrees and went to the hospi- tal where I was put to bed. I had hamburger for dinner last night and it was bad meat. I could tell it at the time but didn’t know how bad it was.

For some time there were no more daily entries as I was too sick to write. For ten days I was very sick, and was unable to eat due to nausea. Finally had liquid food injected into my veins, and there- after picked up health. However, my resistance was lowered and I did not recover properly. Finally, the doctor found that I had malaria—a mild case, and that had to be treated for two weeks— all of which time I remained in the hospital. I lost strength and weight as a result and was unable to keep up this diary.

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