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February 16, 1942

Martial law is severe, ruthless. It knows no leniency. Three British internees were made to dig three graves and then they were executed in the Santo Tomas concentration camp as an example to all other internees. The Britishers tried to escape.

It is hard to argue with the Japanese. This morning’s Tribune carries a news item from the Manila Defense Command advising civilians of Manila to cooperate with the sentries and approach them in a friendly manner. “The advice,” says the Tribune, “has been given because civilians run away when sentries approach them.” Everything has been twisted. Now it is the civilians at fault. Black has become white.

Reminded Supervisor Noya of the suggestion I made at the Rice Growers Meeting last Saturday that out of the 1 1/2% milling tax paid by producers and merchants which is equivalent to .0975 if rice costs 6.50, 3 centavos be set aside for the operation of the NARIC. Mr. Noya will take the matter up with the Japanese High Command as he believes the proposition will further help to stabilize the finances of the corporation.

The British forces in Singapore have unconditionally surrendered. It must have been a bitter, humiliating experience for the Britishers. Is this the end of British imperialism?

Saw a Japanese officer and a white girl enter a side door. He was old; she was young. Such is life.