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February 20, 1942

The papers announced the reopening of classes. General Y. Hayashi, Chief of the Japanese Military Administration, (now they are starting to give out the names of high officials) sent to Honorable Claro M. Recto, Commissioner of Instruction, a set of guidelines in connection with the resumption of classes, emphasizing that the principles of basic education enunciated by the Commander-in-Chief two days ago are to be strictly observed.

The first of these guidelines goes like this: “To make the people understand the place of the Philippines as a member of the Co-Prosperity Sphere of East Asia, the true meaning of the New Order in this Sphere, and the role which the Philippines must play in order to achieve the new order and thus promote friendly relations with Japan.”

The second guideline is thus worded: “To cast aside the old tendency of learning from and totally depending on Western countries especially the United States and England, and to foment a new Philippine culture, based on the self-conscience of the people as the Orientals that they are.”

In announcing today the conditions under which schools are to open, General Hayashi underlined that it is imperative for school authorities and school teachers to assimilate these pedagogic postulates and to promise their implementation and teaching.

Other conditions imposed are the use of new textbooks written in accordance with the New Order, although for the moment, the old books can still be used after the Examination Commission has eliminated their objectionable features.

Permit to re-open will be granted on the following conditions:

First, the elementary schools, and gradually, the higher levels. Among these, preference will be given to the following courses: normal, agriculture, medicine, engineering, etc.

Second, public schools shall be opened before the private schools. Chinese schools and those of other hostile nations will not be opened until further notice.

Third, when a school is permitted to resume classes, a detailed report must be submitted to the chief of the military administration.

Now we are waiting for developments. I’m afraid we have to wait for a good while. We just cannot subscribe to those basic postulates.