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February 20, 1942

Singapore has fallen after less than a week of fighting. They couldn’t take it. Much disgust and resentment over American troops landing in Ireland & none here. MacDavit invited me up to front to stay all nite with him & go out & watch our artillery fire. We went up near their O.P. about 1000 yds back of front line but instead of our guns firing theirs did it all,. Mac & I got caught in interdiction fire on top of a ridge & tried to make it to the O.P.
had to hit the ground 5 or 6 times due to artillery shells landing near us and coming within about 10 feet & covering us with dirt. Finally got to the O.P. & spent until dark trying to get breath back in a fox hole from running. Went back to Macs O.P. & ate a good supper & when went to bed the 155’s of ours fired over us all nite. Glad to get back to the hospital.