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February 21, 1942

Finally, a composite unit from the PC, 26th Cavalry, 71st Div, PAAC and even Ateneo ROTC Volunteers annihilated the remaining enemy forces at Silaim-Anyasan Pts. thus ending the so-called Battle of the Points in West Bataan two days ago. And so, Alas and Alackay, I can now say “All’s Quiet in All Bataan Fronts.” Have not seen any enemy plane whole day.

At Malinta Tunnel where I saw Maj. Huff, he informed me that Pres. Quezon and party left last night aboard submarine USS Swordfish headed presumably to Australia. He also told me cooler heads (Osmeña, Roxas, Abad Santos) convinced him to leave Corregidor. He did not like the idea of leaving which he felt was abandoning his loyal people. Among those I presumed with that party aside from the Quezon family, are VP Osmeña, CJ Abad Santos, Maj. Manuel Nieto, Maj. Jaime Velasquez and Virginia Bewley.

At Major Romulo’s Lateral Office, I learned from Lt. F. Isidoro that the M/V Don Isidro under Capt. Rafael Cisneros OSP (Res)  that left Manila last Dec. 15, broke through the enemy blockade, managed to reach Brisbane, Australia mid January. Capt. Cisneros volunteered to return with his ship to the Philippines. She was fully loaded with supplies for the starving USAFFE troops and left Brisbane Feb. 15 headed for the Philippines. Four days later, enemy planes found and attacked her near Weasel Island where she was sunk Feb. 19.  Nothing is reported about casualties but I hope Capt. Cisneros is safe.