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February 22, 1942

George’s birthday. I prayed an extra rosary for him. I asked and was granted permission to go with the jitney to get supplies. My instructions were to return with the jitney. But after getting the supplies, I, with Satur Velasco, decided to proceed to the Headquarters of the Philippine Army (HPA) at Mariveles. There I met Lts. Pamintuan and Escaler who very kindly gave us a good meal, for it was high noon when we arrived at the HPA. We saw Major Fernandez who told me of the death of Lt. Vicente Fernandez, his nephew, and a former guard in Bilibid. I wrote a letter to Gonzy and George, which Lt. Escaler kindly promised to deliver when possible. I asked Captain Gutierrez, Headquarters Chaplain to please send us a Chaplain. I went to the G-2 where I located Lts. Leonie Guerrero and Buencamino. I related to them the kind of life that we led and asked Leonie if he could broadcast it over the radio so our folks back home would know that we were okay. He promised to do so. When I returned late in the afternoon, my CO was sore. He felt better when I gave him a few copies of the news bulletin that Leonie gave me. He told me that henceforth I could have no more leaves. Nevertheless, I still felt that the CO was a swell guy.