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February 22, 1942

Washington’s Birthday was not forgotten! The men in the room next to ours made an American flag from a white piece of cloth dipped into gentian violet and Scott’s solution, and during roll call the improvised flag was displayed.

The Nips had a change of heart, and the Catholics were permitted to worship at the Santo Tomas chapel. While notices on the bulletin boards announced that a Protestant Japanese preacher would lead the services in the Father’s garden, I saw no sign of a Nipponese.

From my window I had an excellent view of the Father’s garden and I could hear all of the service, and I was happy to see that we still had an American minister as before.

When the organist at the wheezy old portable organ struck the first chords of the lovely hymn, “Faith of Our Fathers,” I joined the congregation in the singing. Kay and Margo joined me, and for the rest of the service the three of us sat on my bed.

My little old corner I had chosen so long ago had its advantages. I could attend church just by sitting at my window.