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March 15, 1942

Today we finished listing down the losses we suffered during the bombings and fires of December 27 and 28. The engineer, A. Guevara, had prepared a detailed report on the value of the destroyed buildings. Based on the cost of materials and labor, the total losses were:

Church and Convent of Santo Domingo ₱1,270,750.00
Letran College 327,215.00
Santa Catalina College 503,300.00
Procurator’s Offices 32,000.00
Residential buildings of Letran at Muralla and Anda Streets 16,800.00
University of Santo Tomas 4,496.00
Residential buildings of Santo Tomas at Muralla Street 13,500.00
Lost furniture and equipment:
Church and Convent of Santo Domingo ₱872,753.00
University of Santo Tomas 5,260.00
Letran College 84,000.00

The loss of articles of art and objects of historical value will never be recovered. The library and many other things of incalculable value will never be replaced.