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April 2, 1942

Captain Burge brought me the package this afternoon; as I thought it is from Florence. The contents are a beautiful fruit cake and some delicious chocolate fudge! I’m restraining myself with a great deal of difficulty and am impatiently waiting for Bill to come to see me. What a delightful surprise he is going to get! One of the P40’s goes to Cebu and picks up medical supplies, mostly drugs, such as quinine and sulfanilamide. Sometimes the pilots bring States and local mail to us. Bill has a letter from Phil; I’m keeping if for him.

In a note brought by Captain Burge Shack says that she received a package from the States. It was a spring hat that should have arrived at Christmas and was to have been worm ashore in Sen Francisco last January. A Christmas package at Easter time–a slight delay in the mail schedule! Fancy on Easter bonnet in the jungles of Bataan! The hat was a black straw with a veil, and it was smashed flat. Dressed in her coveralls and soldier’s field shoes which we call Daisy May’s she modeled it for the girls. She promised to send me a picture.