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Feb. 13th to April 3rd, 1942

Moved from KM 200 to SIGNAL HILL for a much deserved rest. Movement without incident. Felt we would there only as few days before we would be used again, but we were to stay there 50 days before our last entry into battle prior to the fall of Bataan. Shower baths available to us at the Air Corps Camp 1 KM up the hill. Played a lot of pinochle and cribbage; read a lot. Lived in a bahay with Chap. Scecina. Large percentage of command suffering from hypoproteinemia. In March I was finally given authority to organize a Medical Detachment consisting of 8 officers and 80 EM. T/O authorized 10 & 96. The food was getting progressively worse both in quantity and quality however on rare occasions someone was able to see a QM friend and get a few extras. It seems as though the QM has lots of food for themselves and their select friends.