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April 9th, 1942

Bataan forces have surrendered however fighting continues in isolated spots due to all unit being unaware of the surrender. Heard nurses had left Mariveles for Corregidor at 6:30 AM. Order came out no one was to leave Hospital # 2 area. Unable for Francis and me to rejoin the 57th. Heard from Pvt Ortencio, Dental Technician that the line at Trail 18 had failed to hold. Noon broadcast over Voice of Freedom announced that we had fallen back to a previously prepared position, what a lie at 5:15 PM on April 7th no one knew where to go next, everything in utter confusion. Broadcast at 6:30 P.M. announced that Bataan had fallen; first bit of truth given out by our side. Japanese officers and guard present at 7:00 meeting of all officers with Japanese at hospital headquarters at 7:50 PM. they took radios’ with them.