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Thursday April 9, 1942

This as a sorry day for the USA. Tojo and hie boys walked In about 12:30 and took over. We spent a very hectic morning with bombing raids before that. One bomb of good size was close enough to throw dirt all over our area and bunks. The road out front was strafed continually. The casualties continued to pile in. In the absence of Med. Dept. men I washed dishes and carried water. Soon our water went off.

Our status is still vague but the removal of fear of airplanes for the first time in 4 months is a terrific relief. Last night the powers that be put out cigarettes and candy. It tasted so good I almost sickened myself. There was a lunch at 1:00 AM and fresh bread with ham. I was worn out and weak but had energy for that too. At 2:00 AM the ammunition dumps were set off. They blasted for 2 hours. I did get an hour or so sleep before morning.

Chow is ready and we may not be eating regularly after this. I’m off. The Japanese seem friendly and are a rugged looking lot.