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April 9th 1942

The enemy is busy mopping up, dive bombing roads and gun positions, We understand that Gen. King went through enemy lines with an offer of truce and surrender.

Machine gun bullets poured through hospital from some unit on ridge back of us. No one injured.

At about 10:30 am, all firing had ceased, and we knew that Bataan was through and had fallen to the enemy.

The first time we saw the Japanese was at 6:50 pm., when a small detail came to hospital to give us instructions about our future actions.

Two Japanese soldiers took use about one kilometer below the hospital to where a cavalry unit was camped. They kept me there for about half an hour and sent me back, I believe they only wanted to see an American Officer and I happened to be the first one they saw. I must admit I was quite apprehensive when they were taking me away from the hospital.

We wondered if Corregidor had surrendered too, but had our doubts suddenly removed when shells began coming over from Corregidor into a Concentration of Japanese units on Cabcaben airfield.