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Fri., Apr. 10, 1942

The things that go through one’s mind in a crisis. During the long hours last night, I recalled standing on the deck of the Greystone Castle, Junior, dressed in navy blue with crisp pique piping, a cocky white felt hat with 3″ navy band and streamers down the back. That was the style then. Ship pulled to the pier in Shanghai about 7:00 A.M. With pounding heart I stood on the bridge with the captain, who knew I was coming to be married. You had on a white tie with colored embroidered dots. When I first spotted you and pointed you out to the captain, he exclaimed, “He has on no tie, probably drunk, probably been up on a spree all night.” Teasing of course.

We went to see the clerk of the court. To Mr. Jorge Bacolio (best man). Called the newspaper, and when the reporter asked, “What kind of flowers will you have?” turned quickly to a blinking Jim who admitted he had forgotten to order flowers. Thirty minutes before the wedding got a lovely white orchid shoulder corsage in time to wear with cool white short dress and large afternoon hat.

That night top floor Bayview Hotel, so high we did not need mosquito nets. Our first married dinner together in our room. Jim undressed in bathroom, asking me to let him know when I was ready to be tucked in. Lights out. Jim’s voice, “We have forgotten something, Darling of My Heart. Let’s kneel together and thank God for bringing us together.” In the darkness I bit my lips to hold back tears and thanked God for sending men like Jim into the world. The next day both of us back on the Greystone Castle, Junior, to Hong Kong for honeymoon.