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April 12, 1942

We intercepted news from Radio Corregidor that Japanese troops have landed in Cebu. This morning the papers confirmed it, adding that the landings were made at three points in the island. The first capital of the Philippines is now engulfed in the Co-Prosperity Sphere which we have already been “enjoying” for several months now.

Suddenly we were alarmed by strong detonations. We ran up the roof garden and saw a big column of smoke rising from the direction of Baclaran. Although we did not see them, we supposed that American bombers had caused these explosions and fires.

Our suspicions were later confirmed by the press which reported that the bombs fell on the Los Tamaraws Club, killing 20 civilians and wounding 30 others, aside from burning some residential houses. However the Press remained silent on the fact that many soldiers were killed and that arsenals and munitions were burned.

Radio San Francisco announced that the bombers also punished the bays of Batangas and Davao. Just where these flyers are coming from is a mystery. I believe that they come from an airfield which must still be maintained somewhere in Negros. It is not quite possible that the planes could come from Australia and return.