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April 12th, Sunday

On the morning of the 12th, the General and General Jones were taken by automobile to Camp O’Donnell. During the two days General King was at Orani, General Jones, General Brougher, General Lim, and General Capinpin together with other staff officers, were separated from the prisoner marchers as they passed by underneath our windows and brought upstairs to the room which we occupied. Then, on the morning of the 12th, General Jones and General King were taken by automobile to Camp O’Donnell. The next day, those remaining were questioned anew. That afternoon, I was forced to stand at attention for three hours and was slapped repeatedly for alleged impudence in refusing to discuss the defenses of Corregidor. On the 13th, the other officers and I were moved from the building and joined the prisoners. We were marched to San Fernando and there loaded 150 men to each sugar box car, so crowded we were unable to sit down and most of the men have dysentery. The doors of the boxcar were closed and in the stifling heat of the day were taken from San Fernando to Capas and there marched to Camp O’Donnell.

Song of Bataan
We are the battling bastards of Bataan
No mammy, no pappy, no uncle Sam

No brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces
No airplanes, chow, or artillery pieces

We are MacArthur’s bastards
A fighting in Bataan
With neither father nor mother
Nor their old Uncle Sam.