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April 15, 1942

Wednesday Ft. Hughes

Rumors today that Tojo had said an American convoy was bound for here to arrive today but that it would find no one here. Now he says he will have these forts by the end of this month. I hope he’s wrong but I have a feeling that he may not be. Obviously the U.S. has left us to our fate; from the very start, for that matter. The colonel had a lot more timber shoring placed in the “Wardroom” today. Commencing at 0700 and continuing until 2030 we intermittently fired the mortars today, expending a grand total of 88 rounds on various targets. tie would fire and then the Jeeps would put a couple right outside our gun pit. One of their shots gave one of our men a nasty gash on the jaw. Due to the firing, we ate dust all day long and in the evening I just had to jump off the pier and rinse some of the dirt and sweat off. My prickly heat, which has developed since arriving here, is giving me hell. The Japs tried to bomb the ships in the harbor today but missed. All my love, darlings.