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April 15, 1942

Life here is a little monotonous these days, as we have to stay rather close to the tunnel. They are either shelling or bombing us most of the time so it isn’t very pleasant to stay outside. It is difficult these days to get out long enough to have a smoke, and since we can’t smoke in here we simply do without. Work has eased off for our headquarters too, as practically all communication is by radio. We get no word from Cebu concerning the action there, so I guess Cebu is out of the picture as far we are concerned. We are getting reports of a lot of transports and warships these days around Panay so I suspect the Japs will go after that island too in the near future. There is also some indication of increase in enemy activity at Davao. They may be starting something there also. We will get along fairly well as long as our AA ammunition holds out and we can keep hostile bombers at high altitudes. There are the lot of surplus people here who came over from Bataan. They should have remained there, as they do no good here and are eating rations which are needed for combat troops. It irritates me to see them sitting around here.