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April 15, 1942

The morning headline filled us with dread. Bombs DEMOLIsH CORREGIDOR GUNS.

We felt the heat more than ever today as we dragged mattresses and other bedding into the sizzling sunshine to air. It was general house-cleaning day in Santo Tomas. Barbed-wire fences and clothes lines sagged with sheets, blankets, mosquito nets, and wearing apparel.

After hospital duty and house-cleaning chores were over, Catesy and I joined a couple who used to go sailing with us in the good old days. For the first time in many days, I was happy to see the interest in Catesy’s voice and eyes as we planned a fishing trip to Borneo, if and when—with this same couple. They had made the trip in a yawl a few years before.

As they related their delightful experiences, we became more and more enthusiastic, and by curfew time we had the boat completely provisioned. Needless to say, the icebox was loaded with food, especially Italian salami and San Miguel beer.