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Thurs., Apr. 16, 1942

Report Japanese have landed on Negros. Someone suggested we go still farther into the hills. If we do we’ll be out of hiding and back near the coast.

Combination amah and lavendera fled, also one of the carpenters left, to go back to the Central, when news was out that Japs were on Negros.

Stove is a work of art. A table about 30” high, 3 feet by 5 feet with an 8” layer of sand on top. On the sand are nine large rounded stones, approximately the same in size, grouped in threes. Three separate small wood fires can be built at one time between the stones of each group and a pot placed over each fire, stones being arranged close together or farther apart according to size of cooking utensil. Kitchen separated from main room by tiny 5-foot porch to allow smoke to escape instead of entering house. No flue to kitchen.