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April 20, 1942

The Japs have left us fairly well alone today for some reason. We had an air raid alarm a couple of times but I don’t believe any bombs were dropped here, although some were dumped on Fort Hughes. The artillery has been quiet today also. Possibly our artillery did more damage to them than we thought. It is also possible that they may be having difficulty keeping up their ammunition supply. At any rate it gives us time to repair damage caused by bombing and shelling of the past few days. The shelling is far more destructive than the bombs for it is so much more accurate. We heard this afternoon that Tokyo was bombed for four hours today. It is amazing how a report like that boosts the morale of everyone.

The general atmosphere is much more cheerful tonight and everyone feels that at last something is being done in a positive way. A plane came in last night from Mindanao bringing medical supplies which we badly needed. It will take back four officers to Mindanao.