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April 20, 1942

Monday Ft. Hughes

Today I did more work than in the past week – I toted stores up the hill – it’s exhausting work. I drove the men all afternoon with the feeling that we got pretty well squared away, at least in A Pit. Got myself shaved – my, my. Served the first meal in the MINDANAO galley. Shed a tear for the MINDANAO which has been hit by shells and is
slowly but surely sinking. That makes me feel as bad as any other single thing during this war – she was a damn good ship. At dusk I quietly went to Corregidor with one of our engineers and brought back the Black Pan. While there I saw Dr. Barrett and some of the others. The chaos seems to be about the same over there. They’re going in circles and the Army is pushing the Navy around – so the Navy thinks, at least. No hot rumors. Our colonel, however, reports that Tokyo was bombed again and that the first attack was mere child’s play. I hope so. My heart’s with you; it seems impossible that Julie is already 8 months old. What I wouldn’t give to see her.