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April 21, 1942

U. S. Is No Match For JAPAN!

“Japan is about to secure full contro] of the Indian Ocean and consequently will be able to meet her Axis partners at the Suez Canal as a result of the fall of Singapore and Java.”

How dearly the Nishi-Nishi loved to crow! This time they stretched out too far!

Tientsin Mary may be hard and coarse, but today I saw her bold black eyes change to a compassionate tenderness.

When the patient in the next bed to hers collapsed on the floor as she returned from the toilet, Tientsin Mary helped me put her back to bed. All morning after that I saw her looking toward her neighbor’s bed in a most solicitous manner.

As I gave her a dose of paregoric and bismuth, she poured it down her throat with a quick and practiced gesture.