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April 22, 1942

Arrived at Camp O’Donnell – There was a shortage of food, 800 to 2000 men were arriving daily – Disease was rampant and water was a luxury. We had to stand in line for hours to get a drink – I organized the “mess” and had to send 100 to 200 men to river to get water. We could not wash rice and green but just cooked it in river water. Hundreds of men were dying everyday. Death was expected and one soon got used to seeing long lines of bodies everyday. Correct figures for shot period from April 18, to July 5 at O’Donnell were 2,201 Americans and 20,000 Philippines. In one day 535 Philippines died and this number was record as far as I know. These figures were out of about 11,000 Americans and 80,000 Philippines.