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April 22, 1942

There is increasing evidence to indicate that the Japs are planning an attack on Corregidor or other fortified islands in the near future. In addition to motor boats and barges which they have assembled, they have raised several inter-island steamers and other tugs and have a fair sized fleet of power vessels of various kinds. We also have word that they have assembled about 100 collapsible boats, each of which will carry twenty men. They have also made a large number of ladders and life preservers. Everything points to an early attack. Since the Emperor’s birthday is on April 29th they may make an attempt to present him with this island as a birthday present. We are as well prepared for an attack as we will ever be, so it might as well come. There has been little activity today. We had considerable shelling for awhile, and a few bombing attacks, but there was nothing heavy. It is getting hotter all the time and during the middle of the day it is really hot. It is very nice here in the evening and early morning, and I spend quite a comfortable night in the tunnel. There is usually a breeze and the tunnel cools off quite rapidly.