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April 23, 1942

I noticed some rain on Bataan this noon. I had gone outside to burn some papers [classified documents] and as I looked across to Bataan I could see it raining heavily near the top of Mt. Mariveles and less in the direction of the coast. The sun was shining along the coast. However, it is getting more cloudy each day and the rains may begin almost any time on Bataan. Increasing reports to indicate possibility of Jap assault here before April 29th. Boats and barges are being moved around a great deal, and observers report groups of boats being assembled at various locations both in Bataan and on the south shore. We are all ready for them and they will get a welcome long to be remembered by those who survive. It is bound to result in very heavy losses to the Japs. The enemy shelling and bombing today was very light. However, any sudden gunfire will cause a lot of people to start for the tunnel when a crowd happens to be outside. Received a radio from the W.D. today to submit our press releases through MacArthur. It is now at the point where the only thing we can submit direct to the W.D. is the daily operations report.