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April 23, 1942

Thursday Ft. Hughes, P.I.

I can’t bitch about there being nothing going on because as long as that condition exists we’re all right. 18 Jap bombers flew over this afternoon and indulged in most unusual operations – circling, etc., and dropping only a few bombs. Also there were one or two dive bombers which set fire to the ferry “San Felipe”. The MINDANAO still floats, I climbed the golden stairs and when the mortars (ours) fired 4 rounds, I ducked waiting for the Japs to return it – they did, almost immediately. Some fun.

I have a cold coming on and suppose it will keep me feeling more miserable than I already am. I have very little pep and stamina these days. I could use use a rest. I’m afraid that’s the general condition of everyone here and after 193 weeks of war without any relaxation, you can’t blame us all for feeling this way. That’s all darlings.