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Monday May 4, 1942

Yesterday the assigment was to patrol the water hole. The pumps can’t supply enough water for all purposes and most of the cooking is done with water from the river. Our job is to see that the Filipinos move in and out orderly and do not drink the water without boiling It. They Insist on taking a swig on the sly. They are dying like flys from all sorts of diseases. Amerlcans are falling out too. There are some 40,000 Filipinos here and 8,000 American troops. There is some talk of moving us out and some of improving our lot.

One rumor has us getting better food and the next meal we get a reduction. We have had vegetables which are a godsend. I eat all I can get of camotes (sweet potatoes) and squash and try to build up my strength. A rain last night dampened everything down and cooled the air considerably. My next problem is to get a bucket to wash in and rinse out some clothes.

Have borrowed some money and am trying to make connection for cigarettes and candy. Some of the boys going out are able to buy at times.

What our status is or will be in the near future is problematical but I hope it improves. There are too many weak men here. A siege of bad weather or diminution of food and none of us could pull through,