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Monday, May 4, 1942

Upon arriving in the poblacion of Banga, from Barrio 7 where I went to inform the evacuees about our experience on the road, I found Mr. Morrow already there and he told me that his was the car we saw. This chagrined but relieved me a great deal. Mr. Morrow made a verbal report of his trip, which, he said, took him as far as Lagao, since he could get no news from either Tupi or Marbel. He said that the enemy had not landed at Lagao at all, but that they shelled Dadiangas and two planes from the destroyers bombed and machine-gunned in the vicinity of the Administration building at Lagao. According to information he received from the employees who were in Lagao then, the Japanese boats dropped anchor in Dadiangas in the afternoon of Friday, May 1, and left that same evening. I shall await the written report of both Overseer Vargas and Supervising Overseer Fajardo on more details of the affair.