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Wed., May 6, 1942

Visitors at camp today. A patrol of eight Filipino armed soldiers just “looking around” and refusing to tell from whence they came or where they were headed, spent an hour chatting with Filipinos in camp and finding some were from provinces on the other islands. Said they left their headquarters early this morning and had eaten only one cookie each and a coconut apiece today. Also Mr. L. D. Robinson, manager of San Carlos Sugar Milling Co., came in today, dripping in perspiration, panting, and limping. He will have a grass shack built in our camp to which he can flee when San Carlos is invaded. There is a mountain trail leading to San Carlos from our camp, to the south to the Hawaiian-Philippine Central, to the north to San Carlos. Mr. Robinson said of today’s hike to the camp that the next time he came it would be to stay—that no one would torture himself with that grueling walk for pleasure.

Beautifying of the grounds has begun in earnest. Began when the houseboys came back from long trek to the spring with orchids as well as cans of drinking water. Each houseboy refused to be outdone by the others so large “air plants,” a parasitic, non-flowering, long-leafed plant, began to appear in hastily constructed bamboo baskets on the corners of rock walls for which all the boys are gathering uniform-sized stones which they suspend from the house floor with a strip of rattan.