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Wednesday, May 6, 1942

Early in the morning I instructed Overseer Laurel to send Assistant Overseer Cariaga to Banga via the trail which the Moros claim to be better than the one which was taken by Assistant Overseer Datu when he made the trip to Lamian. I told Overseer Laurel to send Cariaga either Thursday or Friday and instruct the latter to report to me upon arrival in Banga. I also gave Overseer Laurel definite instructions that in the event the Japanese get to Tupi he should offer surrender since the people of the district are defenseless non-combatants, provided he has received information from Polomolok before hand that in passing through that district they have not abused women and children and killed peaceful settlers. In the latter event, I said, he must endeavor to run with his settlers especially women and children into the forest fastnesses.