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Wednesday, May 6, 1942

At camp permitted to go inside the line & talk to the folks. Everybody well. They are better off there than the ones on the outside. No worries over meeting expenses, having nothing to do, etc. Much cooler there than in the city. We need rain very badly. Will make some doughnuts, & take them to Mrs. Montesa & her 3 nice boys.

The fern that Mamie likes is growing nicely again since I have here. Dear, sweet daughter, darling Eliz. and kind, considerate Roscoe.

4:30 PM a huge, camouflaged Japanese field gun just rumbled by – jarring the whole house. Rumored Corregidor has fallen.

8:30 AM Last message from Corregidor “We’re making radio arrangements on Corregidor for our surrender to the Japanese later in the day.

All of us had been under a terrible strain during the month since the fall of Bataan. For my part, I had been on duty almost 30 hours without relief – and I was tired, hungry, nervous, & scared.”