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20 May — 1942

Had a tough night between rain, cramps, dysentery & FEAR — No blood this morning but very weak. Rumors of moving someplace — we all pray that they are true. Joe Gouman has been very good to me. Got three D & D pills at the hospital at 11:00 Am. getting very weak. Cramps still bad particularly after each meal. C.O. checking on blankets so there may be something to this rumor of moving. Someplace in these notes there should be a word about people outside the family which includes Aunt M. of many in the place I have been. I often think of Hilda and McLanghlin. Hilda because of the great problem she has been & McLanghlin because he is and has so much I want to be and to have. If anything happens to me I would like my military short coat sent to him. Hilda would probably have made the finest wife possible — Yet somehow I was afraid of something. I know this — that when I get home God willing — I will surely try to find a solution to that problem. Rained very hard. Dysentery bad, all night. Entire camp too weak to provide proper camp sanitation. Latrines are criminal.