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July 1, 1942

Happy, happy day! The Japanese commandant issued orders this morning that the hospital unit, composed of doctors, nurses, corps men, and patients, was to be ready at 4:00 p.m. to hail for Manila. I’m very happy to get away from this battered, barren, and desolate rock. Since we left the tunnel, we have been here a week at Topside Hospital; the Japanese have refused to let us do any nursing. The doctors and corps men have worked like the good army boys they are to get the patients on the beat by 4:00 o’clock. Many of the patients are in body casts; some have fractured arms; some, fractured legs; some, fractured backs. Captain. Fox, one of the doctors, is a patient. He has a fractured leg which is in traction, a fractured arm in a cast, and an injury to his head that has impaired his vision. He was hoisted on the boat by a pulley as if he were an animal. Why must. there be wars? It is so disheartening to see human beings mutilated and ill treated –all this brutality for what? No provision for food has been made for the patients. The damn Japs! Late this afternoon word was sent to us thet we are to remain in the hospital until 5:00 a.m.; then we shall be driven to the pier. I’m glad I won’t have to walk; this bout of dengue has knocked me for a loop. Just now every two nurses were issued one tin of salmon. This is to be our breakfast and probably the noonday meal.