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Sept. 7, 1942 — Monday

Labor day in a prison camp. At breakfast Lewis announced that hereafter the calisthenics will be at 8:30 each morning. He also announce the end of required mass activity. The Japs only require that at least one hour of physical activity be allotted by each officer. It is an individual problem and Lewis called upon each officer to play the game and cooperate thereby eliminating any necessary detailing of supervised work such as cutting grass. Today was a holiday for the officers. The Japs don’t have a labor day so the details from the enlisted men went on as usual. Went to the market before dinner to see if I could find a better variety than by waiting till later in the afternoon. Found I could. Bought some potatoes and peanut brittle. Weather was miserable this afternoon –cold, long rains. Read a couple of Lincoln books, cooked some potatoe chips and dreamed of home.