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September 7, 1942

I enjoyed my weekend with my family at Tenneessee St., Malate and my visit at UST where my father in law, Richard, and sister in law, Helen, both US citizens are interned with virtually what used to be the American community of Manila.  Because my wife has close contact with Mrs. Lulu Navarrete, I was able to visit my former Sqdn. Comdr. & CO, Q-111 in his secret hideout in Sampaloc.  Q-111 was intercepted by enemy destroyers during our attempt to escape to Panay last Apr 9 and although Q-111 was captured, the crew managed to escape to Batangas. Navarrete ’35 is still recovering from malaria.  He recounted that they stayed for a week in the hinterlands of Batangas before going their separate ways.

The sad part of his story is that Chief Wm. Mooney, our chief Torpedoman who was with him and helped pioneer the OSP since 1940 died of dysentery in a lonely hut in Batangas.  Maj. E. Jurado USNA’34 OSP Chief is recuperating and hiding in a Batangas town with Danday’s relatives. Lt. Alano ’40 managed to get a boat ride home to Bohol.  Lt. M. S. Castillo USNA ’38 and Lt. A. C. Campo USNA ’40 are with their families in QC.  Navarrete also told me that Q-113 managed to escape in the Navotas area late last April and the crew are all hiding with their families.  Lt. Nuval ’38 CO Q-113 is reportedly in La Union while his ExO, Lt. L. Picar ’40 is somewhere in Singalong.

From the way I see it, my OSP comrades who are able to escape are now living like fugitives as all unsurrendered USAFFE personnel are in the wanted list of the Japanese.  Our status with the BCA appears better –we are not in hiding and we are at peace with ourselves.