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September 18, 1942

It is my impression that, since majority of the members of our class are PCA graduates and former Constabulary Os, we are generally in favor to serve as police officers to help preserve traquility for the welfare of our people to help them resume normal lives. Like the provincial and municipal elective officials of Bulacan who are collaborating with the Japanese Adm., their situation had virtually returned to normal with minimum interference from the Jap. Adm.  The fact is at the end of May 1942, the Japanese guards at Malolos POW Camp turned over their duties to the Prov. Sheriff and shortly after public schools opened.  Unlike in Iloilo province where the elective officials headed by Gov. Tomas Confesor refused to collaborate (branding collaborators as traitors) the Japanese appointed Dr. Caram as governor and a new set of mayors to serve sending thousands of troops to maintain order in Iloilo.

Today I learned of some undercurrents among a few members of the class that are not willing to serve in the BC.  This group is led by Maj. Romulo Villaflor, an artillery officer and his followers are non-PCA grads.  What they are trying to do is to fail intentionally the course and like at PMA, be dismissed and not graduate.  I commented to Maj. Villaflor that the Japanese has a strange sense of humor and may not follow what they expected and return them to Capas.  Apparently, he did not believe me.