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November 11, 1942

Letran celebrated its alumni day very simply last Sunday. As a matter of fact, it was more successful and better-attended than could have been expected. The University of Santo Tomas also celebrated its University Day today, but not without incidents. Before the war, on this day, the establishment of the Commonwealth was also commemorated. The military police suspected that such coincidence was intentional and was an attempt to revive a suppressed national holiday. Hence, Father Vice Rector was ordered to stop the festivities and to give an explanation as to why they were being held. Showing the program, he clarified that the feast had always been celebrated for so many years in the past, long before the Commonwealth was born. The prohibition was then lifted, but when the Vice Rector replied that they were no longer interested in the festivities as the students and professors were already notified of the suspension, he was asked to continue just the same, as if nothing had happened.