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December 7, 1942

Today is the eve of the first anniversary of the Pacific war. The propaganda is exerting superhuman efforts to reeducate us, attempting in this way to achieve a double purpose.

First, it presents America as a cause and author of this conflict. Roosevelt, with his uncontrolled imperialism, with his policy of enclosure against Japan, is provoking the patience of peaceful Japan in such a way that Japan has no other alternative but to break through this enclosure and defend herself and the other oppressed countries of the Orient. Second, it presents Japan as the liberator of her racial and cultural brothers and the restorer of the dignity of the Oriental people.

Such is the tenor and dominant tone of the innumerable articles, speeches and proclamations with which they have been preparing the people for tomorrow’s celebration. In general, the people hear and read these lies—if they ever listen to and read them—as one listening to the rain. There are a few who have the nerve to shout with sincere enthusiasm “Long live the Co-Prosperity Sphere of Greater East Asia!”, and it is not because of the long long name of this lady.