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Jan. 1, 1943

No help in sight, food is getting hard to get. The Jap money is not worth so much now, the kids now bring home fifteen to twenty pesos a night, I hold all P.I. money but it is scarse now. What we get now will not buy any more than the smaller amount we used to get.

The three young University students in Marthas House next door were released from the Prison Camp and have now joined the Japanese police; say they do not want to go back to prison (they were all killed later by Japs or guerrillas and Martha dropped dead from the shock). Tojo arrived from Japan and all people had to turn out for his parade. The air is full of Jap propaganda, but it falls on unbelieving ears. We hear rumors that we will soon be put back in prison. Japs are imprisoning Filipinos by the hundreds and torturing them in Ft. Santiago. Many Americans out on pass have been taken there and later sent to Santo Tomas. Many have died from effects of torture.