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Wednesday, December 31, 1941

Another evacuee arrived, Mrs. White from Del Monte pineapple plantation and cannery in Mindanao, expecting first baby in two months, must have Caesarean, no doctor to perform operation at Del Monte. Came to Stay with the Woodses and go to Manapla Hospital for delivery.

June Conant, 20-year-old daughter of staff member here, also returned from Del Monte where she had been teaching. Told of six air attacks on the landing field at Del Monte, how Japanese missed the field repeatedly, bombs landing in woods, ditches, and on outskirts of field. Two injured planes, from which engines and all valuable parts had been removed, were placed at edge of field as decoys. Japs wasted many bombs trying to destroy dummy planes. Women from Del Monte put in houses in mountains away from company buildings and airport, but Mrs. White and June were advised to leave, June to return to family.

War news bad. Japanese advancing on Manila. General MacArthur slightly hurt by flying rock when bomb burst near him. Flames from front line firing and tremors from guns being felt in Manila. People advised to break up stores of whiskey (Japs might get drunk?) and to stay in houses if city is occupied.