January 6, 1943

When President Roosevelt’s picture was shown, the audience clapped and cheered but when Hirohito’s picture
was flashed, no applause. The Japanese officers pounded the floor with their sabers until the lights came on and the audience driven out of the show…

Japan is now preparing for a long war, perhaps ten years. Manila is the paradise. In Japan everyone wears short pants with plenty of patches and no socks. Government ask more money but people cannot give for they do not have. Japan lacks raw material. No cotton, no iron. Dr. questions ‘But Japan is winning war?’ Oh, yes, but Americans very stubborn, will not hands up as Japan thought… We sink one American ship, Americans building three more in few days. In Japan take long time to build one ship.’…

The Japs approached Monsay. Finnemann, Bishop of Minchoro, with the proposition that he turn his girls college with all the girls over to them as a red-light house. He refused. Later invited on board the transport he was brutally murdered. Story given by Fr Reith with request it be made public at home.

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